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Theoria and Praxis is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to exploring the interdisciplinary linkages between theory and practice, and facilitating cross-communication between philosophy and the social sciences. In an age of greater specialization and narrowed focus, our journal seeks to broaden the academic dialogue by calling upon thinkers from a variety of disciplines to participate in a discussion about some of the most pressing issues of our time. Avowedly international in scope, our journal seeks to cultivate a truly planetary voice able to speak to scholars in fields ranging from philosophy, the humanities, literary and cultural studies to economics, history, sociology, and political science. Further, we believe that theory and practice, thought and action, converge in a co-constitutive environment. As such, our commitment to scholarly excellence is matched only by our deep conviction that a global society must contemplate its own groundings.



Marxism in the 21st Century

In an age of increasing globalization and integration, the question of balancing economic growth with the enhancement of democratic empowerment and the alleviation of mass inequality, is an abiding concern that will linger as a major dilemma of the new century. At Theoria and Praxis, we ask contributors and authors to explore the theoretical and practical problems of Marxism in the twentieth century.

For example:

  • How does Marx’s understanding of the spread of global capitalism contribute to our understanding of the form and process of global integration?
  • What is the relevance of his understanding of surplus labor, alienation, labor exploitation, reification and commodification to our ability to grasp and direct the creation of stable, equal and sustainable societies?
  • Are Marx’s ideas, particularly his notion of capitalist crisis, inevitable revolution and the ‘withering away of the state’ a way to grasp and understand the future?
  • Further, what are the ‘tools of critique’ uniquely given to us by Marx?
  • We also encourage authors to contemplate on the likelihood of a Marxist resurgence through the work of important contemporary thinkers such as Zizek, Badiou and Harvey.

In sum, we ask authors to contemplate the depth, intensity and manner of Marx’s shadow over our present century.

Neither are submissions, by any means, to be confined to these questions alone. In fact, we will gladly and seriously consider all papers that we receive. Manuscripts shall be subject to a double-blind reading, ensuring the integrity of the peer-review process. All submissions should be between 6,000 and 12,000 words, and include abstracts of no more than 200 words (in Microsoft Word file format).

We welcome those interested to please submit their papers and proposals, and all relevant inquiries, to Theoria and Praxis at:

Deadline: April 30, 2015

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